Ironclad Green Apple Spiced Stir Fry from Monisha

The idea behind this recipe is to change people's mindset as I have seen over the period of time everyone likes the same things repeatedly and when it comes to making something vegetarian they get stuck. A lot of people find it difficult to explore new flavours. Lucky, being an Indian, I am privileged that I understand how to work with spices that can bring out the magic in any dish. So this recipe is an example that I am confident will create something unique that people haven't tried so far. This recipe is a modern take on Granny Smith apples paired with Indian spices, designed for the modern age while paying homage to traditional tastes.

Serves: 4


2-3 green apples - washed, peeled & sliced 
½ c mexican veggie mix  
250 g spinach  
250 g kale
100 g tofu (sliced in length)
1 T cumin seeds
½ T turmeric powder 
2 t olive oil  
1 t maple syrup 
Salt - according to your taste 
1 T red chilli powder (Kasmiri chilli)
½ T mango powder   
 c nuts of your choice (almonds, cashew nuts)
¼ c pomegranates seeds 


Wash, peel and cut apples into quarter slices or wedges.

Heat oil in your Ironclad Legacy Pan over medium high heat. Add cumin seeds and let it splutter for a few seconds. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and a bit of salt.

Add the apples, mix well into the spices. Fry the apples for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until evenly golden and crisp. The trick is not to stir too frequently, so that a crust can develop. 

Once the apples are half done, add mexican mix, spinach leaves and cook until done.

Sprinkle mango powder, maple syrup and additional salt if needed. 

Toss well, add some chopped nuts, fresh pomegranates while serving  

Serve as a salad or enjoy this dish with rice noodles or toss with any rice to make sweet and sour fried rice. 

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