He Porowhita Miiti (Meatballs)

Pork meatballs and pasta ingredients
Pork meatballs in the Ironclad Legacy Pan
Pork meatballs and homemade pasta in tomato sauce, served

Serves 6

My love for cooking at my mum’s house inspired me for this dish - using three meats in hand-crafted meatballs with Ceres Organics tomato roasted pasta sauce served with freshly homemade pasta are what I love most. My heart will always have a special place for this tasty little number which leaves your taste-buds absolutely full and wanting more! I hope you enjoy recreating this dish as much as I did. Always remember though, how you feel when you cook is incorporated into the food you are making and will be shown through the flavour and well roundedness of the dish.

Roll me like one of your tasty meatballs

500g Pork loin
200g Pancetta
100g Chorizo

Finely dice all three meats and combine together in a bowl (or use a food processor or mincer) .Add a crack of pepper and once combined there is no need to add anything else, as there will be enough fat content to hold the meatballs together. Once rolled out, place on baking paper to rest for 10 minutes. Heat a pan on high heat then drop to medium heat, drizzle a little bit of olive oil in the pan and place meatballs gently in at a low heat until all sides are lightly caramelised and cooked through before adding the pasta sauce.

I bleed pasta sauce

1 jar of Ceres organic Tomato and basil pasta sauce

Add the jar of pasta sauce to the pan with the meatballs and let them simmer gently for 10 to 15 minutes before removing completely from the heat to rest.

Pasta ribbons of the heart

100g plain flour
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
1 pinch of salt

Start by measuring out your flour and place on a bench in a little maunga (mountain) shape. From here make a well in the centre, add your pinch of salt and crack the first egg into it. Crack your second egg into a cup, saving the white and adding the yolk to the flour mix. Using a fork, break the yolks and start to gently beat it in a circular rotation away from you so it pulls the flour in bit by bit. When you’re ready, combine all the ingredients together and use your hands to knead the dough together until it begins to become smooth. Once the dough is fully combined, knead for another 10 to 15 minutes and wrap tightly with cling wrap, leaving the dough to rest and sit for 30 minutes minimum.

Roll out the pasta and lightly dust with flour before putting through the pasta roller. You want to try and get the pasta not too thin and not too thick; using the ‘No. 3’ setting would be ideal in this case. Once your pasta is rolled out to this size, lay in a pile like folded ribbon and cut into strips as thick as your pinky before boiling it in an already boiling pot of water that’s salty as the Aegean sea. Because the pasta is fresh it will only take a few minutes to cook. Once cooked, add to the meatballs and sauce, and stir around before finding the longest piece of pasta and rolling it up using tongs before plating.

Place three meatballs on top of each pasta mountain and garnish with fresh basil & generous amounts of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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