High Country Hot Oak Smoked Salmon and McClures Spicy Pickles in a French Toasted Sandwich

Salmon french toasted sandwiches - ingredients laid out
Frying salmon french toasted sandwich in the Ironclad Legacy Pan

Serves 4

Looking for a Sunday Brunch Extravaganza? Look no further!  Smokey salmon, crunchy spicy pickles and melty cheese all wrapped up in the lightest and crispiest of French toast experiences ever.

This dish will secure your place at the head of the table for years to come!  


4 eggs
1 c cream/full cream milk
Salt to taste
8 slices sour dough bread, at least a day old and thick cut
250g High Country Smoked Salmon
Lots of McClures Spicy Pickles
Fresh Basil
200g tasty cheddar cheese, grated
4 T tomato chutney

4 T butter to fry


Whisk eggs, cream and salt till thoroughly combined and pour egg mix into a shallow dish.

Layer smoked salmon, pickles, basil and cheese between two pieces of bread to make four “sandwiches”.

Lower the sandwiches two at a time into the egg mix and let sit for five minutes to absorb the egg cream mix, then carefully turn the sandwiches over and repeat the process.

Heat the butter on a low heat in your Legacy Pan till it’s sizzling. Add French toast sandwiches and fry on each side till golden and sizzling and the cheese has melted.

If your slices of bread are big and you can only cook 2 sandwiches at a time, keep the first two warm in a low oven as you cook the remaining two.

Serve with a dusting of rock salt and a crunchy fresh salad. YUM.

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