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Serves 10-12 as a starter. 6-8 as a main.

To celebrate the launch of our Ironclad GRANDE Grill and Pan here’s an aromatic Thai inspired pan full of shellfish and prawn deliciousness that will feed the whānau and some!

In under half an hour, you’ll grill the prawns using the Grande Grill. Steam the clams in the Grande Legacy pan and flip the grill over to use as a lid. And then you’ll serve the whole lot steaming to the table.

You’ve always been a super hero but now everyone knows. Oh yes. Life is Grande!


1kg king prawns, butterflied with shell on, heads off


6 fresh lime leaves
Large handful fresh coriander
4 cloves garlic
Juice of 1 lemon
Flesh of ½ large orange or two mandarins
1 inch ginger, peeled and chopped
½ t salt or more to taste
1 green chilli or less or more depending how hot you like it!


3 T Sesame oil
2 red peppers, sliced thinly
2 whole lemons, sliced in half


4kg fresh uncooked clams
2 T sesame oil
1 bulb garlic, minced
2 fresh chillies, chopped
2 inch fresh ginger, grated
2 fresh lemon grass stalk, outer leaves stripped off then bashed
3 cups fish stock or water
10 fresh lime leaves
½ c fish sauce
 c maple syrup or sugar
½ c fresh lemon or lime juice
Extra salt to taste


Fresh coriander - lots of it
Fresh lemon or lime juice

Blend all marinade ingredients in high-speed blender until smooth and green. Baste the king prawns and leave covered in fridge until ready to grill. A couple of hours marinading time is fabulous but it you don’t have that time on your hands, don’t worry.

Heat Grande Grill till smoking hot and brush with sesame oil. Grill the red peppers and limes or lemons for 3-4 minutes. Remove from pan to a bowl. Remove most of the excess marinade from the prawns. (Use your hands to squeeze the marinade off and return the excess marinade to the bowl. Don’t throw this flavour bomb out!) Grill the prawns 1-2 minutes each side till flesh is white and shells are pink. Add grilled prawns to the bowl with the peppers and lemons and cover. DO NOT clean the grill pan.

Now to cook the clams. Place (unwashed) grill on medium heat and add sesame oil, garlic, chilli, ginger and lemon grass and sauté for a minute or so to release the flavours. Add the stock or water and, using a wooden scraper, loosen any marinade goodness. Add all the excess marinade, lime leaves, fish sauce, maple syrup, and lemon juice and bring to a simmer. Have a taste. Is the balance good? Is it spicy enough for your taste buds? Do you need to add more chilli? If you’ve run out of fresh chillies have you got some chilli oil on hand to assist? Is it sweet enough? More salt? More lime or lemon? It’s up to you.

Turn off the Grill and heat your Grande Pan to super hot. Pour half the broth you just made in the Grill into the Pan. Turn heat to medium. Add clams to the pan and finish by pouring the rest of the hot broth over the top of the clams. Cover the pan with the grill (grill side down) and steam the clams for 5 minutes, covered.

Remove the lid. Are all the clams open? Does it look amazing!? Have a taste! Do you need to adjust the seasoning? Do that now if so.

Arrange the grilled prawns, red peppers and lemons on top of the clams, tucking them in if necessary. Replace the lid and steam for one more minute to heat the prawns up. Finish with a squeeze of fresh seared lime or lemon juice and lots of fresh coriander and serve steaming hot to the table with slabs of Ironclad Focaccia bread you made earlier and a big crunchy watercress salad.


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