There are 100’s of things you could choose to gift this Christmas. But there’s only one thing that comes with a 100-year replacement guarantee.

An Ironclad Pan.

Hand-poured to order right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, each heirloom skillet is as unique as the family or friends you’re buying it for. And if you’re looking for your very own kitchen upgrade this Christmas, good on you! You and your family will be preparing delicious recipes for generations to come.

Why are people returning to the traditional ways of cooking?


Cast iron has been around for thousands of years. Ask any chef about their cookware of choice, and it will be a cast iron skillet. The Ironclad Pan is the only cast iron cookware made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and comes with a Three Generation Guarantee™️. The more you use it, the better it gets. And doesn’t it feel great buying something that you can hand down for generations to come?

Remarkable Versatility

It’s true. Most pans deteriorate with use, last about 18 months, and then get chucked into landfill. Not here. You can use an Ironclad on any heat source, and you’ll get super even heat distribution and heat retention. Stovetop to oven. Oven to table. Piece of cake. Speaking of cake, you know you can use our cast iron pans for more than searing the perfect steak, right? Check out some of our delicious recipe ideas.

‘Tis The Season To Be Unseasoned

When your great-great grandma was a small girl, cast iron skillets were delivered unseasoned. Then mass production hit the scene and, well, things changed. Not with us. Unseasoned means there are no unnecessary chemicals, dyes or enamel where they shouldn’t be. Every Ironclad is hand-finished to ensure a delightfully smooth cooking surface, and arrives with some grape seed oil so you can pre-season the pan to your own taste. Better for you and the planet. Great stuff.

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