If you’re looking for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, we got you.

The Ironclad Legacy Pan. The only NZ designed and made cast iron skillet that comes with a 100-year, Three Generation Guarantee™.

All Ironclad cookware comes unseasoned. That’s to avoid any of the nasty stuff that can come with pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. But don’t worry, everything mum needs to get a spectacular glowing golden pan comes right in the box. 

On the day, your mum will receive a freshly poured cast iron skillet with our Three Generation Guarantee™ cast in iron in the base, a bottle of NZ sauvignon grape seed seasoning oil, seasoning instructions, a cotton drawstring storage bag, and, of course, the very official looking Three Generation Guarantee™.

This clever Mother’s Day gift also comes with free access to the Ironclad Recipe Vault. A secure online platform where you and mum can upload and store all of your secret family recipes, videos, and photos. Ensuring your family’s recipes are stored and handed down for generations to come.

Ironclad is a family company, one that was started alongside the global reaction to health concerns around Teflon cookware. Kate Slavin, founder and mother of two, wanted to make healthy, sustainable, and long-lasting cookware. Cookware that had the benefit of a non-stick surface but wouldn’t become landfill in six months. 

From skillets to coffee tumblers, from chopping boards to cookware, you’re sure to find something unique, memorable and perfect for mum right here.

And...just in time for Mother’s Day...we’ve partnered with two small Kiwi businesses to bring you a limited edition run of gift ideas for mum.

The Ironclad Coffee Tumbler

Partnering with Studio Lemaire, this stunning Ironclad Coffee Tumbler is hand-made to order. A great addition for mum's breakfast in bed.

Mum's Mitts

The Ironclad “Food Hug” Oven Mitt is 100% cotton and hand-made to last right here in Aotearoa, NZ. It’s comfy, durable and beautiful. Best suited for meals made with love.

The Ironclad Chopping Board

The Ironclad Chopping Board is hand-made from native rimu by our woodmaker friend in the Coromandel. The wood is collected from the forest floors, so no trees were felled in the process. This kitchen centrepiece is for the mum who wants a high-quality, eco-friendly gift.