There are millions of mass-produced, environmentally-unfriendly gifts to choose from this Mother's Day.

Since day dot, our message has been to Shop Well, and Buy Once.

The Ironclad team have hand-picked 10 sustainable gifts that are made to order right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Supporting sustainable, local businesses means that we can continue to employ and fairly pay local people, to hand-make unique things in quantities that people need them, and to pay taxes that help to build our local infrastructure and economy.

You'll help to elevate the craft of NZ Made to a wider audience, whilst doing your bit for the planet, too - and that's important to us.


Aotea Manuka face oil bottle


Aotea Made's Mānuka Face Oil has been designed to create a protective barrier against harmful environmental toxins while healing and nourishing your skin. It features the anti-microbial and cleansing mānuka oil as well as kawakawa infused sweet almond oil. Mānuka oil is well known for its ability to deeply cleanse the skin and treat inflammation.

Combined with hydrating and antioxidant-rich oils; jojoba, blackcurrant and grapseed, this Face Oil can be used daily. An incredible formulation that truly nourishes and protects the skin.

A beautiful, nurturing gift for the mum who looks after everyone else, but who you want to provide a little 'self-care' for.

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Wrights Manuka Honey blend is a warm amber colour and hosts a thicker consistency. Its distinctive toffee flavour leads into a fragrant, fruity finish. Great for marinades, balancing sauces, or paired with your favourite fine cheese.

All of Wrights Honey is raw, eco-friendly, unprocessed and proudly collected, harvested and packaged in New Zealand. Each jar is uniquely labelled with the batch number and hive location, allowing you to see exactly where your honey comes from.

Perfect gift for that mum who is a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, or loves to put on a platter for the family - it's a great addition with our new native rimu Chopping Board.

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The Ironclad Legacy Pan

The Ironclad Legacy Pan is the original and only cast iron skillet made in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Hand-poured to order, every Legacy Pan is as unique as the family recipes it will prepare.

Made with the highest grade of recycled iron, the Legacy Pan has been designed to withstand at least 100 years of daily use. We're so confident it will last, every Ironclad Pan automatically comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee™️.

All Ironclad Cookware arrives fresh from the foundry unseasoned - unseasoned means no chemicals, dyes or enamels where they shouldn't be. Better for you and the planet.

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Made of Tomorrow 2022 Diary


A world’s first, a diary made using recycled coffee cups! Plus, it’s proudly made from start to finish in New Zealand. 

Made of Tomorrow’s Daily Diary / Planner is the brand’s most popular size, being both large enough to take on the go while still having plenty of space to write and plan everyday with one full page dedicated to each week-day. 

Made of Tomorrow’s diaries are made entirely with FSC certified paper, are handmade and take 8 different businesses all across New Zealand to produce. They have no plastic laminate coating either which makes them 100% recyclable after use. 

We know it may seem a little late to grab your 2022 diary (being a fair few months in now), but the great news is that these planners are now over 50% off - so as well as being better for the planet, they're better for your wallet.

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Maggie Marilyn leisure wear


Maggie Marilyn is on a mission to create a better world and is committed to using high quality, innovative fabrics that are kind to people and the planet.

This women's crew neck sweater is everyday leisure wear for a laid back, casual look or for being cosy at home. Made in lush, organic cotton, it is comfortable and durable with the cosiest feel. Features dropped shoulders, embroidered logo and a relaxed fit, this classic sweatshirt is designed to wear season after season.

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Ethique is encouraging Kiwis to make small changes that add up for our planet by focusing on eco-gifting - be it for yourself, or for your loved ones.

Whether you’re out in nature or in the comfort of your home, all you need is Ethique’s multi-tasking Tip-to-Toe Shampoo and Shaving Bar and Flash! Solid Laundry Bar & Stain Remover to come to the rescue. Tip-to-Toe works fantastically as both a shampoo and a shave bar. It combines kaolin clay, cocoa butter, glycerine with orange, lime and mint oils for a zesty, clean scent.

Flash! is a multi-tasking solid laundry bar, ideal for hand washing clothing, dishes or even hands when travelling or right at home. Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients, pure essential oils and white kaolin clay to remove oils and dirt.

All Ethique products are not only home-compostable but also vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free and palm oil-free, making them a perfect gift for an eco-conscious loved one.

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Honest’s spiced rum is a little out of the ordinary. A delicate infusion of six botanical, warm spices are balanced by bursts of citrus and delicate tonka bean. 

Honest is proud to be kiwi owned, carbon neutral and certified by A Plastic Planet as 100% plastic free.

The perfect gift for the mum who deserves a little treat to sit back and relax with - bonus that it's lovely and warming as we step into the colder months!

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Mavis & Osborn bento bag


Mavis and Osborn Bento bags are reusable with endless uses. We like to use them for buying bulk grains, nuts and produce or for using as a lunch bag. They are perfect for wrapping bread for the table, taking clay and pottery tools to and from the studio, or simply wrapping gifts.

The Bento bag is like a soft bucket that has 2 ties that knot together to secure contents. Fill with your goodies and tie the peaks together, you can also use as a bag if you tie a knot near the end of the ties to leave a gap in the top of the bag for your hand to hold onto. Keep them in your bag, car or home for easy use. Designed and made with care in Nelson, New Zealand.

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Petley Corner spatula with hole for even heat distribution


The hole in this spatula has a very significant purpose, to prevent over stirring. Food easily and gently passes through the whole, while you slowly stir. The flat edge will scrape food from the bottom of the pan, while the rounded edge foes the same for the curved edge of the pan. This makes it the most perfect utensil for risottos, and for baking. 

The Corner Spatulas have been made using recycled and reclaimed Tōtara. All Petley pieces are finished with food safe New Zealand made beeswax and each item is individually hand made and completely unique in form and grain.

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Ironclad x Studio LeMaire coffee tumbler

Ironclad x Studio LeMaire Coffee Tumbler

Unique and hand-made to order in Tāmaki Makaurau, the Coffee Tumbler is our first partnership with designer Sophie Lemaire-Sicre.

Fusing together a foundation of traditional pottery with contemporary methods, this colourful, precious labour of love will bring joy to your morning, afternoon and evening. Doubles up as a beautiful toothbrush, flower or desktop pencil holder.

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