The Everything Bundle


So, we were going through the Ironclad range trying to figure out what product combinations would make the best Christmas Bundle.

When someone said, in a very convincing Santa voice, “EVERYTHING!”

It wasn’t particularly clever. Nor was it very practical. But we all found ourselves following the instructions simply because it was Santa. 

So, in the lead up to Christmas (and it's always the lead up to Christmas), we’re pleased to announce the release of a new bundle. A rather big and impractical bundle at that. 


Mainly because Santa told us to.

The Ironclad Everything Bundle includes, well, everything.

1 x Legacy Pan
1 x Lil' Legacy
1 x Denim Ironclad Oven Mitt
1 x Denim Master Apron
1 x Denim Apprentice Apron

So, that should be enough to stuff a stocking to the point that it becomes impossible to lift. 

But isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

As for the strange power of Santa’s voice, try it. It’s incredible. Whatever you say sounds wise, jolly, and festive.

Give it a go.

+ Detaily Bits

  • 2.7kg + 1.7kg Single Mould Pour
  • High-Grade T100 Recycled Iron
  • 280mm + 200mm Diameter (single meal + mid-size family pans)
  • 45mm High Sides
  • Hangable Ergonomic Handle
  • Dual Serving Lips
  • Front Grip (Legacy Pan only)


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  • Worldwide delivery. Costs calculated at checkout
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Made in NZ, 100 year guarantee. 100% awesomeness. Come and cook on one!

- Chef Mike van de Elzen

Very, very happy with my Ironclad Pan. I followed the simple instructions to wash, dry, bake, oil, bake...and less than 3 hours later, with little effort, my new favourite pan was ready. Now to get on with some cooking. Very Homeland!

- Chef Peter Gordon