Ironclad Sharpening Steel No. 3


The Ironclad Sharpening Steel is durable, sustainable, and really innovative. The beautiful off-white handle is actually a plastic substitute made from sheep's wool.

The surface of the steel is a No. 3 Cut. A general purpose sharpening etch that's coarse enough to tackle even the dullest blade in your kitchen.

The black steel holds the sharpening texture longer and doesn't rust.

Like all of our products, the Ironclad Sharpening Steel is made to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Weight - approximately the size of a large pear (350g)
  • 250mm steel length
  • 130mm handle length
  • Hand-made in Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Made with our friends at Bloore & Pillar

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