The Old Dutch


This is it. Ironclad Company’s Dutch Oven. The only one designed and made right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Poured to order, every Old Dutch features an innovatively designed base and a lid that can be used alone or interchanged to create any family recipe.

Actually, it’s more like a Swiss Oven.

Check out its fine moves.

The Dutch Stack. Stack the pot and the lid, and get busy roasting, stewing or soup-ing.
The Upside-Down Baker. The lid has no knob, so flip her over and Old Dutch becomes a bread oven.
The Happy Camper. Flip the lid over and place it on top of the pot (which can be filled with hot coals). Ta-da you have a camp stove.
The Second Skillet. Use the lid on its own as an extra skillet. Double handy.

Like her younger siblings, Old Dutch is made from recycled, high-quality iron and can be used on all cooking surfaces, from induction to campfires and will withstand three generations of daily use. 

We poured extra-love into Old Dutch, making her functional, versatile and sustainable. We're so confident she will last, every Old Dutch automatically comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee.

Old Dutch might look a little greyer than you expected. That's because she comes unseasoned, straight from the foundry, to avoid any nasty chemicals. But don’t worry, everything you need to prepare her comes in the box, and over the next century, with the right care, she’ll become a rich copper black.

When your Old Dutch arrives the box will include a bottle of Marlborough Grape Seed Seasoning Oil, an Ironclad cotton storage bag, printed care instructions, and a hand-signed Three Generation Guarantee™. Every Old Dutch also comes with free access to the Ironclad Family Recipe Vault - a closed social platform designed to store, share and save your family recipes for generations to come.

  • induction use
  • gas use
  • electric use
  • ceramic use
  • bbq use
  • oven use
  • campfire use
  • volcano use

+ Detaily Bits

  • 4.5L Capacity
  • High-Grade Recycled Iron
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handles (designed for oven-mitted hands)
  • Interlocking Base and Lid
  • 3.6kg Total Weight (± 10%)
  • 365mm Handle to Handle (fits a leg of lamb or two chickens)
  • 146mm High Sides (with the lid)
  • 110mm High Sides (without the lid)

+ Delivery & Payments

  • Delivered from the foundry to your door in April, May or June
  • Worldwide delivery. Costs calculated at checkout
  • You'll also find us in 25+ partner stores including Sabato (Auckland), Chef's Complements (Taupo) and Moore Wilson's (Wellington)
  • We accept all major payment providers: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay
  • Manage your interest-free payments across 6 weeks with Laybuy, AfterPay or ZIP

Made in NZ, 100 year guarantee. 100% awesomeness. Come and cook on one!

- Chef Mike van de Elzen

Very, very happy with my Ironclad Pan. I followed the simple instructions to wash, dry, oil, bake...with little effort, my new favourite pan was ready. Now to get on with some cooking. Very Homeland!

- Chef Peter Gordon