The Old Dutch


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The Ironclad Dutch Oven is the most durable and versatile cast iron cookware on the market.

Hand-poured in Australia and hand finished in New Zealand, each Old Dutch is made of only the highest grade recycled iron — so nothing is taken from the earth to make her.

So, what can she do?


The Old Dutch can be used on any cooking surface — from induction cooktop to roaring campfire.

First up, it's a beautiful, all natural dutch oven. With our rigorous quality testing you can roast, stew, or soup knowing that you are cooking on only the finest natural materials.

Next, no clumsy knob means you can separate the pot and lid and use them as two cooking surfaces. This is great for juggling multiple ingredients with different cooking times.

If you like to bake, this is a game changer. The smooth lid allows you to flip the whole oven upside down giving you an amazing bread oven.

If you like to camp, you can fill the pot with coals and flip the lid for a durable, portable camp stove.

Your Old Dutch will arrive from the foundry unseasoned. This guarantees you’ll have none of the chemicals, dyes or enamels found in a lot of mass produced cast iron cookware. Gross.

But don't worry, everything you need to season them comes in the box. Along with a simple step by step guide on how to look after your iron. With a little care it will be used for generations to come.

Every skillet we make is designed to withstand 100+ years of daily use. Guaranteed. We’re so confident these babies will last, each one comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee®.

The longest product warranty on earth.

You will also have automatic access to your very own Recipe Vault™ - the perfect way to collect and store your family recipes online for generations to come.

  • induction use
  • gas use
  • electric use
  • ceramic use
  • bbq use
  • oven use
  • campfire use
  • volcano use

+ Detaily Bits

  • Made in Sydney, Australia
  • 4.5L Capacity
  • High-Grade Recycled Iron
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handles (designed for oven-mitted hands)
  • Interlocking Base and Lid
  • 2.4kg Lid, 4kg Pot (± 10%)
  • 365mm Handle to Handle (fits a leg of lamb or two chickens)
  • 146mm High Sides (with the lid)
  • 110mm High Sides (without the lid)
  • Comes with your Printed Three Generation Guarantee™ď¸Ź, Use & Care Instructions and Seasoning Balm


  • Delivered from the foundry to your door in 3-10 business days
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Very, very happy with my Ironclad Pan. I followed the simple instructions to wash, dry, oil, bake...with little effort, my new favourite pan was ready. Now to get on with some cooking. Very Homeland!

- Chef Peter Gordon

The best cast iron cookware in the business.

- Chef Al Brown

Made in NZ, 100 year guarantee. 100% awesomeness.

- Chef Mike van de Elzen