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Serves 1-4+

OMG. The vibrant purple of The Four Saucemen Beef Rub is such a great colour, you kinda know it’s going to taste good as soon as you set eyes upon it!  Salty, garlicky, sweet, peppery, earthy and very moreish, it might say BEEF on the front of the jar, but try frying up a slab of haloumi dusted in this rub and you’ll have your vegetarian loved ones getting all hot under the collar too! 

Purple foods indicate they are high in antioxidants which are proven to help lower your cancer and heart disease risk. So serve this steak up with a bright purple coleslaw, wash it all down with a glass of deep red and rejoice in every life-saving morsel.  

The amount of rub you use is determined by the size of the steaks you are cooking, and your tastebuds. I like big flavour and the steak was a good size so here’s how to cook the perfect, big tasty medium rare steak.  


1x 200g scotch fillet steak
2 t olive oil 
2 t The Four Saucemen Beef Rub 


Remove the steak from the fridge an hour before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. 

Lightly oil the meat on both sides, then sprinkle with The Four Saucemen Beef Rub on both sides. 

Heat your Ironclad Legacy or Lil’ Legacy Pan to smoking. 

Place steak(s) in the pan and lower the temperature to medium. Apply pressure to the steak with a fish slice so that it makes a good connection with the pan. 

Cook for 1 and a half minutes then flip your steak. Cook a further 1 and a half minutes, while continuing to apply pressure with the fish slice. 

*** Don’t overcrowd the pan – four steaks in the Legacy Pan is enough at a time, and one in the Lil’ Legacy.

Remove the steak from the hot pan to a warmed (not scorching) plate and cover with a bowl or tinfoil for 2-3 minutes. This is called tenting, and it relaxes the meat fibres to produce a tenderer mouthfeel and also allows the juices to distribute through the meat evenly.

Slice and serve and give thanks to The Four Saucemen for sharing their magical saucy superpowers!   

***Because you are cooking at a high temperature with only a little oil, the rub may leave a slight residue. The easy solution to remove this is to pop the pan back on the heat straight after cooking and pour in a cup of boiling water then use a wooden scraper to remove or loosen any stuck bits. To finish, just clean your pan as you normally would. 

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